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Student Elections

We are proud to announce the new SCSU Board of Directors and Executive Members for the 2015-2016 year!

Board of Directors:

Sierra Betournay         Acclaimed

Janey Dunn                  Acclaimed

Zamir Guiterrez          Acclaimed

Elora Nelson                Acclaimed

Robyn Northway         Acclaimed

Eric Speers                  Acclaimed

Patrick Whitten           Acclaimed


Executive Board:

Position: President

Allison Golding            Acclaimed

Position: VP Campus Connections

Lindley Dupuis             Successful Candidate

Position: VP Student Life

Josh Rodgers               Successful Candidate

Position: NSC President

James Scott                 Acclaimed

Board of Governors – Student Representative:

Vacant                         No Nominations


Congratulations to all incoming Directors & Officers!

Sault College
Students’ Union

Sault College Students’ Union (SCSU) is an elected board of students whose purpose is to serve the students of Sault College and safeguard their best interests in college wide issues. The SCSU is the voice of the student body at Sault College. The Board operates under it’s constitution and policies to ensure the rights of students are upheld and every student’s College experienced is enhanced.

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